Interesting coffee, tea and water.

Interesting coffee, tea and water

While out ordering a coffee at a small coffee house overlooking the bay at Porthleven in Cornwall, I realised as well as a desire for caffeine delivered through good coffee, I needed rehydrating. I requested a glass of tap water with my coffee and was directed to a small shelf upon which sat a large glass jar with a tap and told to help myself.
I filled two glasses and while Ann and me were sitting admiring the view, waiting for our hot beverages, we began supping the water we remarked in unison how unusual but pleasant
it tasted. I asked the lady who was busy preparing our drinks what was in the water, she said she adds mint leaves, slices of lime and grapefruit. This certainly does give the water an interesting taste, much different than just adding a slice of lemon.


The next surprise was our coffee and tea. My coffee was served in a mug without a handle on a matching saucer and tasted really good with the oat milk I had requested. Ann’s tea was presented in a clear glass flask showing off the golden brown clear liquid, so different to a conventional teapot. The tea also met with her approval, as she is as much a critic of tea as I am of coffee.

This was a most interesting minimum morning breakfast, good coffee and tea and water.

Here is how you can put this very interesting flavoured water together at home:

Take a large glass jug and fill with fresh drawn tap water, or you can use bottled water if prefered.

Cut half a lime into thin slices

Cut quarter of a red grapefruit into slices

Pick five mint leaves

Put the above in the water stir and let it stand for an hour for the flavours to diffuse into the water.

I think best left at room temperature to allow the flavours to come through, you can add ice to cool once poured into a glass.

Enjoy your new way of drinking water.

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